Elephant Come To Rescue People

Elephant Come To Rescue People

A short video took at Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai Thailand

2016-10-20_104555Kham Lha and her human adopted father. Kham Lha is a baby elephant around 5 years old that was rescued from the circus and riding in June 2015. She was together with her mother, Bai Teoy and they both came to live at Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai Thailand. At this sanctuary they let elephant to roam free and stay together as a herd. There is no more work and no more circus show, but instead they allow visitors to see the elephants in their natural habitat. The park has rescued more than 70 elephants, most handicap, old, blind and lamed.

Mr. Darrick is the CO founder of Save Elephant Foundation(not a trainer). We never train elephants at Elephant Nature Park. We believe that if we treat animals with love, the animal will give back to us with love too. Since he rescued Kham Lha he spent time to heal her from the mental trama she suffered and showed her the love that she deserved. Quickly she developed a strong bond with him, protected him, and accepted him to be the part of her herd.


Mr.Darrick rescued Khum Lha and she and her herd have accepted him. Whenever he calls her name Kham Lha comes to him.

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