Join us September 24 for the 2016 GLOBAL MARCH

Join us September 24 for the 2016 GLOBAL MARCH

On Saturday September 24th, we have again the event Global March for Elephant and Rhino. Many voices around the world March to speak out for them. In Thailand, we March in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, and in Cambodia we March in Siem Reap. Please check the cities in your own country if you want to participate in the March. Please add your voice for this beautiful creature. Together we can make a difference to change their endangered lives. A couple of hours of your time and a slightly hoarse voice will help to speak loud for the elephant. Show them that you care. Please celebrate the elephant with many around the world.

START ON 9.00 AM. see you guys at Three Kings Monument in the historic center of Chiang Mai old city.


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