The journey of MeBai and her Mother

The journey of MeBai and her Mother

2016-09-13_142629MeBai she had a chance to stay with her mother only 3 and a half years before being sold to a tourism industry, she used to take a training program to entertain the tourist as the elephant riding service. And because she was too young, she began to lose weight and could not able to carry the tourist any longer. Fortunately, Lek has helped MeBai and brought her to Elephant Nature Park to retire her from working in the trekking business and included her into Pamper a Pachyderm program.

2016-09-13_142747Me-Bai was nervous and wary of people when she first arrived at the sanctuary, but she quickly learned that her new caretakers had no intention of abusing her in any way. Lek has found this young elephant’s Mother, her name is Mae Yui, she has been sent to another trekking camp nearby our sanctuary. So, Lek decided to invite Mae Yui owner to learn about “Pamper a Pachyderm program”. From this amazing destiny, they agreed to retire her from Trekking Business. Now, Mae Yui’s owners and Elephant Nature Park are working together to rehabilitate Mae Yui and Me-Bai so that they can return to the wild and live free.

This is the video to witness the minute of reunion Mebai – Mae Yui mother and daughter who separated for many year. See how much joy they are.

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